What’s Next? Interior Design Trends 2022


A new year heralds new trends, and we’re already excited about the interior design trends 2022 has in store.

For many of us, the past two years have allowed for reconnection with our homes and the development of new expectations for both form and function in our interior spaces. With home as our sanctuary, there’s been a real push for comfort, as well as a growing appreciation for creative and original design that makes home feel like a one-of-a-kind place. Future interior design trends reflect all of these changes, with fresh ideas that are geared toward making home the place you really want to be—even as things open back up and we get to get out and explore again.

Love for our homes is here to stay, and 2022’s interior design trends are all about embracing that feeling and making our homes everything that we want them to be. With that in mind, here’s a quick look at the future of interior design industry trends and what’s on the horizon for 2022.

Upcoming Interior Design Trends for 2022

Where you live has a big impact on what’s trending in interior design, and you’re not necessarily going to come across the exact same trends here in Miami as you would in the Northeast or on the West Coast. However, the biggest trends are those that are popping up all over, even if they have a distinctive local flair. Here’s what to look out for in 2022—and what to incorporate into your own redesign.

Trend #1: Vintage and repurposed pieces

Supply chain issues and a lack of indoor shopping have led homeowners to get more creative with what’s already available. And with increased interest in sustainable living, this often means giving a second life to vintage pieces or taking something that wasn’t working and bringing it up to date. It also means more conscious sourcing of furniture, materials, and décor, focusing on pieces that are meant to last for the long haul.

Trend #2: Multi-use spaces

What do you do when you need an office, gym, and studio in your home but you can’t add on more square feet? You get creative. In 2022 and beyond, expect to see stunning interior transformations that are as much about function as they are about aesthetics. Smart storage will be key to making this happen, as will multi-purpose furniture that provides a range of solutions all in one stylish piece.

Trend #3: Color explosions

Patterns and colors will abound in the new year as people start to feel more bold about bringing their personality to their interior space. Neutrals, all-white interiors, and monochromatic palettes continue to be safe choices, but already we’re seeing that homeowners are getting less and less afraid of standing out. Shifts toward more colorful interiors are also emblematic of general optimism, which makes sense as we start to see the world return to normal.

Trend #4: Kitchen updates

Is 2022 going to be the year we all get new kitchens? Those who have been putting off a kitchen remodel are finally ready to pull the trigger, and instead of white-on-white cabinetry and countertops they’re looking to get a bit more creative. Expect to see heavy use of color and drama in 2022’s kitchens, and for new and renovated homes, a return to closed spaces from the open-space concept that has been a mainstay of the past decade.

Whether you’re looking to make small changes or big transformations, 2022 is all about putting your own personal spin on your space—and we can help. Visit our homepage to learn more about what we do, and contact Natalya Starinova Interiors for a luxury design consultation.

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