It’s quite obvious that hiring an interior designer can make a world of difference in your home, but how much does an interior designer cost—and is it worth investing in this kind of professional help?

High-quality interior design isn’t necessarily going to be cheap, but it is always going to be worth it. The best interior designers should have no issue filling your space with warmth and beauty, while ensuring that the levels of functionality and flow aren’t compromised. They’ll help save you from wasting money on furniture, décor, and other interior projects that just aren’t the right fit for your home and lifestyle.

Interior design projects are priced out on a case-by-case basis, but it can be helpful to have a general idea of the going rate. Here’s what you should know about the cost of hiring a personal decorator or designer so that you can budget appropriately and achieve that dream home you’ve always wanted.

Average Custom Interior Design Cost

The cost of an interior designer depends on a number of factors, including your location, the size of your home, the scope of the project, and your taste. Who you hire will also have a major impact, since more in-demand interior designers tend to charge higher fees (and for good reason).

The average range for hiring an interior designer is $1,893 to $11,180, according to HomeGuide. That works out to about $50 to $200 per hour. Of course though, where you live matters, and here in Miami you will usually pay a premium to work with one of the city’s top designers. A consultation will be able to provide you with a much better idea of what an interior designer will cost you based on your wants and needs.

Keep in mind that a personal decorator is different from an interior designer, and their services are priced differently as well. In general, it’s safe to assume that the cost for a personal decorator will be less than what you’d spend for an interior designer.

Paying a Designer: Hourly Rate and Other Ways to Calculate Cost

Different interior designers price their services in different ways. Before hiring a designer for your home, it’s important to ask them how their services are priced and how their various fees break down. This will give you a better idea of the total cost of the project and set your expectations in the event the scope of the job changes.

The first thing to find out is if the designer charges by hour, by square footage, or by project. Beyond those basic fees, you will also need to factor in the cost of furnishings and whether you will be charged for those directly through your designer or through the manufacturer. Same goes for construction costs.

Again, a consultation is the best way to find out the cost for interior design in your area and the cost for what you’d like accomplished. You can always let an interior designer know your budget and work backwards to see what’s possible.


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How Long to Interior Design a House?

Another common question that homeowners have in regards to interior design is just how long the whole process will take. A full home project could take as long as 10 months to a year, while a single room may be done in a month or two. This time includes design conception and execution, though there is always the possibility for delays due to contract work and furniture manufacturing.

Just like you can discuss a budget with an interior designer ahead of time, you can also discuss a time-table. There are never any guarantees on how quickly things can get done (at least not if you want it done right), but a designer may be able to make certain accommodations to work within a desired timeline.

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