Learning how to make your home look luxurious is something every homeowner should understand. It’s probably safe to assume most people would like having a “luxury” house, but it’s also probably safe to assume that everyone has their own definition of “luxury”. In fact, luxury is usually less about the actual property and more about a state of mind, or even an attitude. This is what makes capturing the essence of luxury a bit tricky.

Since the places we live are often reflections of who we are, creating a luxury area that stays faithful to your personality can be challenging. But, thankfully, it’s not impossible! You just need to ask yourself the right questions and take some time to research trends, styles, and renovations. While the home should be a complete representation of self and individuality, below we’ll discuss some key concepts that every homeowner can use to get started.

What Makes a Home “Luxury”?

Like we mentioned, it’s not all about the size or price of a house, and luxury isn’t just measured by location, or construction. Rather, it’s the sum of all the extravagant details inside. When a home looks more luxurious, it often raises value and provides other long-term benefits. What’s important to remember is that not everyone views “luxury” the same, and no matter the upgrade or renovation, your home should be whatever style that pleases you. With that being said, there are some sure ways to add a luxurious touch to your residence, and many of these options are relatively cost-effective.

How to Make Your Home Look Luxurious Through Renovations

Renovations are a sure way to provide a feeling of luxury while adding value to a property. Some common renovation ideas to bring this touch to life include:

  • Bathroom Remodels – Staying up to date with all the latest bathroom fixtures and accessories is an easy way to bring a sense of luxury to a home. Many of these more recent features can add beauty, comfort, and innovative functionality to any bathroom, and renovating floors, walls, and spa equipment can increase a home’s value substantially. Consider adding a long tub, new mirrors, alcove walls, or even a jacuzzi to create that lavish and cozy bathroom.
  • Modernized Kitchens – As with bathroom equipment, keeping up with the latest kitchen appliance trends can add flare in one of the most important areas of your home. Say goodbye to that basic granite and incorporate some bold textures, rich hues and exotic materials to your kitchen space. Features such as marble counters, updated cabinets, walk-in cupboards, and islands are all recommended renovations for luxury homes.

How to Make Your Home Look Luxurious - Natalya Starinova Interiors

  • Light Fixture Upgrades – When renovating a home, adding some modernized light fixtures can help compliment other features, and set the stage for your perfect style. Whether it’s updating your kitchen lights, or adding new standout lamps to the living room, a new light fixture is a great way to give your home the right ambience to fit the rest of the decor
  • Auxiliary Rooms – For a drastic change of pace, the addition of an auxiliary room such as a wine room, a home gym, or an indoor bar space can greatly add luxury and value to any space. While the initial cost of these high-end home features may seem daunting at first, their effectiveness in the long-term certainly makes them worth it. Plus, what’s better than dining in your own beautiful sommelier hideout?

Luxury Home Decor Ideas

Some luxury home decor ideas to consider include:

  • Houseplants – The addition of plants, either real or fake, is a great way to uplift and bring life to any space. Plants can add texture, color, contrast, or a strong focal point, and can be strategically placed to match a setting.
  • High-end Touches – Luxury can often come from some high-end touches throughout the house, such as incorporating solid wood into floors or furniture, using marble in bathrooms and kitchens, and having the latest decor pieces for a living room or den.
  • Natural Lighting – Instantly make a room look luxurious by adding natural light when possible. Whether it’s adding new and larger windows, a skylight window, or glass doors to the yard, these natural touches let everything else come to life even more.

Finding the Perfect Interior Designer

Not everyone can take these luxury home decor ideas and instantly make them a reality. To really get the ball rolling, interior designers are often the best way to go, and can provide helpful and professional insights into your plan and style choice.

Among the leading interior design services in Miami and South Florida is Natalya Starinova Interiors. From design direction and budget development, to concept conception, administration, and implementation, Natalya and Kateryna are committed to providing industry-leading, full-service turnkey service options for remodels, renovations, and designs.

We believe any interior design project begins with you. Throughout our six phase process, we will evaluate your home and explore your personal design inspirations and values, and make that concept into a reality.

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