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NATALYA STARINOVA 𑁋 Interior Design, Miami


My story of pursuing interior design in Miami evolves from the impact that past generations have had on my life path as well as the hope and dream that I will influence and guide the next generation of designers!

I am an architect and interior designer and have been part of this wonderful industry since 2002. My approach to interior design comes from the laws and principles of composition, style formation, aesthetics, and artistic imagery of architecture.

When I implement a design project, I commit to a competent and functional plan and design of living space that increases flow and harmony.

My interiors create a modern feel tailored to specific needs, desires, and circumstances of the client, with great attention to purpose requirements, aesthetics, and the physical environment.

My living spaces reflect an individualized lifestyle and the personal needs of my client. I commit to designs that are an expression of life choices and ideas. My designs inspire, uplift, energize, and encourage personal vitality, while creating a state of harmony, tranquility, security, and inner peace.

I have a close relationship with the design market and can offer my clients the latest in carefully selected and curated items that are on the cutting edge of design and technology.

With great attention to detail, I design and implement the interior elements into the big picture of my client’s life in their space.

I embody an approach to perfection with a focus on the quality of innovative ideas. As one of the best interior designers in Miami, my work reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship. Through the use of durable elements, living and working spaces can stand up to the test of time.

As a collaborative adventure in creation, upon completion and execution, relevant and modern comforts will seamlessly coexist in my design for you. Simultaneously, your personal DNA regarding what nurtures you in your living space will be reflected and surround you.

I am grateful for the trust my clients give me in allowing me to design their personal spaces for living their lives. I am ready to listen to you, create cooperatively, and bring my ideas and designs to life for you as we partner together in this most creative and exciting journey.

Whether you are looking for an interior designer to complete a high-end remodel in Miami or a new-build design project, Natalya and her Miami interior design firm will flawlessly execute your desired look to create a space that is as unique as you are.

Don’t settle for anything less than the top interior designers in Florida. Contact Natalya today for a design consultation.