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Like most of us fashion-minded people, you’ve probably been wondering about the top interior design trends 2024 has in store for us? Well, we’re curious too. So, we’ve put together this brief collection of the hottest and most exciting new trends in interior design, including must-steal ideas for your kitchen, living room, and more. Read through what’s trending in interior design and get inspired to reinvent your space—and your style—in the new year.

1. Bold and patterned wallpaper

Color is king in 2024, and while there are lots of different ways to incorporate it, we’re particularly excited about the growing and creative use of wallpaper in home design, especially in unexpected places. We’re seeing stunning wallpapers pop up in the usual places like the walls of powder rooms and bedrooms, but also where you least expect it—think ceilings, interior cabinetry, and wall partitions.

2. Jewel-toned kitchens

If there’s one thing that we can say about the kitchen interior design trends 2024 is bringing on, it’s that classic white is no longer the go-to choice. Richly saturated jewel tones like glossy sapphires and ruby reds are making their way into today’s luxury kitchens, resulting in style-driven spaces that truly beg for a second look.

3. Sustainability and repurposing

The push for more planet-friendly design is nothing new, but it’s definitely going more mainstream. In 2024, that means growing interest in reclaimed and renewable materials, as well as upcycled and vintage pieces throughout the home. And if you’re an antique lover, now is your time to shine.

Top Interior Design Trends 2024 - Natalya Starinova Interiors

4. Multifunctional spaces

One of the top living room trends 2024 is presenting us with is one that’s directly correlated to the changes of the past couple of years—namely the need to make the most of our available space, no matter how limited it is. Living rooms are great examples of this, and are being smartly transformed to provide space for work, home schooling, and other endeavors, though we’re also seeing this in other rooms as well.

5. Biophilic design

Biophilic design is the idea of bringing the natural environment into an indoor space, and it’s going to be a major trend this year. There are tons of ways to embrace it, including designing interiors with plenty of greenery and bringing in natural materials like wood and stone. We’re going to see lots of green in general, with green paint colors in a wealth of hues topping the list of trending shades for the year.

6. Organic shapes

Clean lines will never go out of style, but there’s something to be said for the resurgence of rounded edges. Arches, ovals, and other more organic and fluid shapes are making their way into homes for 2024, and they’re doing so in a way that softens the vibe and lends a warmer touch to interior spaces.

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