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Miami chic decor is all about capturing the essence of South Beach, Florida – the breezy and tropical year-round summer that is always glistening with sunshine and white sand. Miami-inspired design typically reflects the attitude of its people. In Miami, the citizens are incredibly discerning with their fashion choices and they know how to kick-back in style and really enjoy the finer things in life.

The best Miami interior design ideas invoke these attitudes and seek to bring this aura to life through a combination of specific lighting, decor, textures, and colors..

A Breakdown of Miami Chic Interior Design

The following elements of chic interior design perfectly encapsulate what it looks and feels like to live in Miami, Florida. Implement these into your home and transport yourself to the sunny beaches of South Florida. The goal is to feel like you’re on vacation no matter what you’re doing, even when you’re working from home.

  • Luxurious textures

    Beachy color palettes tend to be on the neutral side, complete with whites and off-whites, tans, and light shades of gray. You can add a layer of sophistication to any neutral-toned space with an array of diverse textures, such as wood, stone, leather, metal and woven natural fibers like rattan. Wall art is also a great way to enhance your space with texture and color.

  • Bright blues

    Miami Beach homes can get away with mostly neutral tones because the ocean and surrounding palm trees offer bright, natural pops of blues and greens. However, you can bring a little bit of the oceanic mood indoors with the addition of cheerful aqua tones. We recommend implementing light blue and seafoam green glassware, throw pillows, cushions, and wall art.

Miami Chic Decor: What Is It? And, What’s So Unique About This Style? - Natalya Starinova Interiors

  • Opposite pops of color

    While most Miami homes are filled with neutral tones and pops of color here and there, you can give your home a modern chic interior design aesthetic by going in the opposite direction – choose one color for the majority of your home and implement white accents here and there. We recommend choosing a bright color for your base to keep the breezy, Miami feel in your home.

  • Outdoor/indoor living

    One of the best things about living in South Florida is that you get to experience summer almost all year-round! Miami interior design is all about having seamless transitions from indoor living to outdoor living with large sliding doors, floor to ceiling windows, and expansive outdoor entertaining/dining spaces.Looking for chic bedroom ideas? Consider having outdoor access from each bedroom so you can wake up and immediately feel energized by nature.

  • Exciting colors

    Although Miami chic decor has traditionally meant all white rooms and soft colors, we understand that aesthetic isn’t for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be! Miami homes can be filled with colors that remind you of the jungles, or the nearby Everglades – deep greens, bright oranges, and hot pink; or shades of the most brilliant sunset you’ve ever seen – yellows, purples, and reds. It’s not necessarily about the colors and textures you choose, it’s more so about how everything is put together.

Miami Chic Interior Design Experts

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