Miami is a city that’s known for its colorful, groundbreaking style, so it’s no surprise that it pushes the limits of interior design. This is particularly true when it comes to luxury interior design trends, with a sprouting community of both established and up-and-coming designers who are redefining what it means to design and inhabit a luxury space.

Of course, incorporating great design into your home is about more than just how it looks. Smart design adds both real and perceived value to a property, and, if you’re planning to sell in the future, it can also make a significant difference in how long your home sits on the market.

Are you ready to elevate your interior? Here are some top Miami interior design ideas that are worth checking out for your home.

Design Trends: Home Inspiration from Miami Interiors

Travel around Miami and you’ll find more than just palm trees and picturesque beaches. The city is on the cutting edge of creative architecture and interior design, and the perfect place to look for home inspiration. Try out one of these Miami design trends and see for yourself what a little Miami spice can do for your home.

1. Geometric patterns

Miami’s Art Deco past takes a modern spin with geometric designs that pair well with contemporary interiors. You’ll find geometric patterns in use in subtle but effective ways—think backsplashes, bathroom tiling, and wood and tile flooring. There’s also heavy use of geometrics in textiles and home décor, all of it balanced out next to more streamlined shapes.

2. Organic materials

In a city of so much natural beauty, it makes sense to take inspiration from the earth when choosing materials for a home. You’ll find heavy use of organic materials in Miami’s luxury homes, including marble, stone, terracotta, and ceramic. These are complemented with softer materials such as warm woods and cozy textiles to create a space that is open, airy, and incredibly welcoming.

3. Multifunctionality

Any city is going to have its fair share of smaller spaces. And while Miami also boasts plenty of large and magnificent homes, luxury homeowners with properties of all sizes are incorporating multifunctionality into their spaces to bring more utility into every single square inch. Professional interior design plays a major role here, helping achieve multifunctional use in a room without interrupting the flow of the space or making it seem too cluttered.

4. Mix and match styles

Trend setting often means thinking outside of the box. We’re seeing plenty of that in Miami interior design, with mixed and matched interiors that take a little bit from various styles to create a cohesive and totally original space. This technique helps bring warmth to ultra-modern interiors and contemporary updates to more traditional ones. It’s also a way for homeowners to express their personal style while also enjoying broader design trends.

5. Going green

Plants abound in Miami’s luxury homes, from lush blending of indoor and outdoor spaces to plant-focused artwork that adds more green into even the most unexpected of places. Whatever your climate, bringing more greenery into your home is always a good idea. It’s also a budget-friendly way to embrace Miami design.

The Most Popular Miami Design Trends to Use in Your Home - Natalya Starinova Interiors

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